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The staff at St. David’s Primary has a very positive professional working relationship with the staff at Tomorrow’s Voices.

Together, we have positively impacted the life of a student who had severe behavior challenges. This student spends half days at Tomorrow’s Voices (p.m.) and half days at school (a.m.).

Dr. Mills has conducted professional development sessions with the staff at St. David’s and one of our paraprofessionals attends sessions with the student on Thursday afternoons.

The professional support that we have received from Tomorrow’s Voices has been tremendous. Our knowledge of A.B.A methodologies has assisted us to maintain a similar routine with this student and the consistency has paid off.

This student, who displayed extreme behavior challenges, has become more settled and responsive to his I. E. P. goals. This is evidence that together everyone achieves more. 

Gladstone Thompson
Principal, St. David's Primary School