Working hard today for tomorrow's voices.

Tomorrow’s Voices is a Registered Charity (#816) and continues to operate from the generous grants and donations from the public and private sectors. A number of community partners and Donors have provided funding as well as support from their staff to assist in the longevity of Tomorrow’s Voices. 


Tomorrow's Voices, through the help of our donors, grants and community support are able to subsidize the cost of therapeutic one-on-one ABA services to the parents & guardians of our clients by an estimate of 80%. This gives those parents and guardians the ability to access high end, research based, medically necessary services at an affordable cost to ensure their children access the clinical services they need. The ability to subsidze cost for these services would not be possible without these donations. 


We are greatly appreciative of the support from our donors as without them we would not be in existence today. Tomorrow’s Voices has a number of granters and donors that have assisted in the continued longevity of the Centre, those that have contributed are:


- ACE Foundation
- Amlin Bermuda Ltd
- The Argo Foundation
- Argus Group
- Axis Capital
- Mrs. Becky Azzano
- Bacardi International
- Bank of Bermuda Foundation
- Butterfield Bank
- Mrs. Kath Bell
- Bermuda End to End
- Capital G Bank Limited
- Catlin Insurance Company Ltd.
- Child's Wish
- Chubb Foundation
- The Clarien Foundation
- Deloitte & Touche
- Endurance Specialty

- Fidelity
- Ms. LaVerne Furbert & Mr. Vance Chapman
- Hannover Re Bermuda
- International Women's Club Bermuda
- IPCRe Ltd
- Mrs. Kand White
- The Lancashire Foundation
- Max Bermuda
- Max Re
- Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs
- Ministry of Education & Sport
- Ministry of Health
- Oil Management Services Ltd
- 100 Women In Finance
- Mrs. O'Toole
- The Parkins Family
- Partner Re
- Platinum Und
- PRP Performa Ltd
- Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd.
- Miss LaTanya Roberts
- Roland Simons Charitable Trust
- Secrets

- The Simons Foundation International, Ltd
- Teachers Rugby Football Club
- Tokio Millennium Re
- Mr. Mitchell Trott
- XL Foundation


If you would like to be a donor and contribute to this worthy cause please call the Centre at 297-4342 and speak with our team.

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