Working hard today for tomorrow's voices.

Thank you for helping Tomorrow's Voices secure these special Wish List items for our Centre. These items will help to make Therapy FUN for our clients as well as support our therapy programs.


15 Seater Van ($40,000.00).  This year the second hand van that Tomorrow's Voices owned was hit and damaged while sitting in our parking lot. We were never able to identify who damaged the van and subsequently after the van was fixed it died soon after. The van was a key resourcse in providing our Thriving Beyond 21 Adult programme access to vocational opportunities within the community. If any of our wonderful community members are able to support purchasing a new 15 seater van for the Centre we would truly appreciate it!


Other Holiday Wish List Items:


Galaxy Light Projector Theatre ($100)


Fantasy Bubble Fish Tube Fake Aquarium  ($200)


Stationery Supplies (Copy paper, construction paper, white out, black pens, tape, pencils, paper clips, eraser boards, eraser markers, etc) 


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