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Tomorrow’s Voices Workshop – “Let’s Put That on Paper – Data Collection Methods” – Sept’17

I found the workshop very interesting and the information presented was very helpful for anyone who works with students. Both presenters were knowledgeable about the topic and kept us engaged!


Tomorrow’s Voices Workshop – “Let’s Talk About It – Workshop on Communication” – Nov’17

I love the fact that I have the freedom to ask questions of the presenters without feeling judged. The workshop was very informative and easy to understand communication. I found everything about the workshop helpful, especially the communication training. I would love for your team to come and teach/update the teachers and para-educators within the school system. We/they have much to learn. Thank You and Well Done!

Workshop Attendee

Tomorrow’s Voices Workshop – “Let’s Talk About It – Workshop on Communication” – Nov’17

The presenters style was Awesome! The communication between both speakers, their eye contact, Interactions, and Visual Style. They balanced materials and their audience. They were energetic, charismatic and provided good role modeling.


Primary School

Tomorrow’s Voices Workshop – “Show Me What You Know” – Feb’18

The workshop was very informative. The presenters were very good and very much in tune with their attendees. The knowledge that they have is very impressive.

Aunt of Child with Autism

Tomorrow’s Voices Workshop – “All About Reinforcement” – Jun’18

The workshop presenters were very well prepared and were able to explain the presentation to the best of their ability. They were excellent and very informative. They made the material very interesting.


Pre-School, Primary School, Middle School

The professional support that we have received from Tomorrow’s Voices has been tremendous. Our knowledge of A.B.A methodologies has assisted us to maintain a similar routine with this student and the consistency has paid off.

Gladstone Thompson

Principal, St. David's Primary School

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